Burundi Bukhorka

Burundi Bukhorka


Estate    Gaterama, Bugendana

Varietal  Mibirizi

Taste      Blackberry, Cherry, Lemon

Process  Washed

Altitude   1500m

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    Tasting Notes 

    Blackberry, Cherry, Lemon



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    The Bukhorka separation comes to us through the Gaterama wet mill in Bugendana, central to Burundi on a map. Part of the Central Highland Provinces, the country lies to the edge of the Albertine Rift, the western part of the Great Rift Valley providing altitude for a number of coffee growing areas.

    The washing station is involved in a number of social and environmental projects including healthcare and training for farmers as well as providing seedlings for new coffee planting and shade tree provision as well.

    Mibirizi is likely the oldest varietal to Burundi and Rwanda (according to World Coffee Research), though a lot of it’s origin story is less than clear. Recent genetic tests show it related to the Bourbon-Typica group, though naturalization and some breeding have occurred that may have led to slight variations throughout the two countries farms.

    The washing station is located at 1500masl, and when the ripe cherry arrives it undergoes a 10 hour dry fermentation followed with a 12 hour wet fermentation before being washed and then soaked for a further 10 hours in tanks. Mostly this is then dried on raised beds under the sun, but in peak times will switch to pyramid drying to deal with the volume.