Hario V60

A popular method of filter brew. The cone has spiral ridges and a large single hole at the bottom. The filters are conical and size 02 is good for 1 to 4 cups.


1. Place the filter in the V60 and wet with hot water. This removes any chance of the paper tainting the coffee.

2. Add the coffee (ground to fine sand consistency) in the filter. For a mug of 250ml use about 15g.

3. 30 seconds after the water has boiled pour enough water to just cover the grinds, around 30ml to 40ml and wait for 30 seconds or until the coffee has stopped blooming.

4. Then add the rest of the water, being careful to pour into the coffee / water and not straight onto the filter. You can pour half then wait 30 seconds then add the rest but this is up to you.

5. Wait for the coffee to completely pass through the filter. If the grind is correct this should take between 2 and 3 minutes.

6. Enjoy

This method produces a bright cup where you are able to taste the subtleties of the flavours in the coffee.

Kalitta Wave 155/185

Different than the V60 as it has a flat base and 3 small holes for the water. This means that it is part pourover and part immersion brew. Can give a bit more body than the V60. It also has a bespoke shaped filter with the 155 for 1/2 cups the 185 for larger brews.


1, 2  and 3 are the same as for the V60

4. The Kalitta benefits from adding half the water first. Then wait until the water goes down but with letting the grounds get exposed. Then add more and repeat until all the water has been added.

5. Wait for all the water to pass through, 3 minutes is a good benchmark time.

6. Enjoy

Because of the flat bed the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for longer than the V60. This gives a less bright and clean but more body taste to the brew.

This is an immersion brew and not a pourover, where the water is in contact with the coffee for the whole of the

brew time. Can be tricky initially to get

the right combination of grind size and brew time but once you have it, produces a nicely flavoured brew with great body.


1. Grind the coffee to a fine filter grind

and use a bit more coffee, 17g per


2. Wet the round filter and place in the holder and screw to the bottom section

of the Aeropress.

3. With the Aeropress assembled in its standard way as shown, add the coffee

to the bottom section.

4. Add all the water, up to mark 4, and

fit the plunger just into the bottom 

section so that it is secure. This will 

create a vacuum that stops the water

coming through the filter.

5. Wait for 2 mins, then slowly press

down the plunger until all the coffee

is in the cup. You can stop when you

hear a hiss.

6. Enjoy

This method can produce coffee with good body but without the 'bits' that a typical

French Press or Cafetiere can give.