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A great day at a new market

Went to a new market at Northfield's Avenue on Saturday. A great turnout from the local community to support the market with some great feedback. Thanks to Kate for organising it.

Once more locals know about it I'm it will only go from strength to strength.

As we used to live just off Northfield's Avenue it was quite nostalgic.

As there is no power for the market for customers who prefer to buy their coffee pre-ground I had at least 5 minutes per bag exercise using my hand grinder. My right arm looks like Popeyes now! Great fun

The Hand Grinder I used to grind the coffee at the market. Despite it's size it has 38mm conical burrs and gives a very consistent grind for filter and cafetiere. My Mazzer Royal electric would have been easier (and quicker) though!

A Mazzer Royal for comparison. Less than 1kg and 25cm high vs 27kg and 72cm tall - a real little and large

Details of the market. It will be in Graham Avenue, probably in a couple of months. Until then it is actually in Northfield's Avenue itself (just outside Tesco)

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