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Blends now launched

We launched our Espresso and Filter Blends at Northfield's Market and Richmond Artisan Market over the weekend. We had free samples for people to try and the feedback was excellent with the new blends being 1 and 2 on sales.

The Espresso Blend has been especially put together to work exceptionally well in Espresso machines. The dry processed Brazil helps produce excellent crema which together with the Sumatra Mandheling gives it a wonderful body with milk chocolate, dark fruits with a citrus back note. A round body with sweet & nutty notes. Has a mild and clean finish. Roasted as standard just on the dark side of medium, works brilliantly with milk as well.

The Filter Blend is ideal for all manual brew methods from V60 to Aeropress. With the Honduras giving a smooth chocolatey body, the Colombia and Kenyan Peaberry add a fruity finish with highlights of Blackcurrant and Apricot fruits.

A really well balanced cup that is ideal roasted to Medium to bring out those wonderful fruit notes.

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