Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Roast Level

Estate     Smallholders, Sidama Region

Varietal   Yirgacheffe 2

Taste      Medium body, crisp acidity with floral notes


  • Product Info

    Tasting Notes

    A distinct cup for sure, with bright acidic notes, with a clear edge of marzipan & dandelion. Light body with floral aromas and a long tarte finish.


    Roast Notes

    A lower roast level allows the acidity to remain, where a more medium roast promotes the long finish. Our favourite profile for this is even heat through to city + or a medium roast level.

  • Roast Level Information

    This bean benefits from a roast the light side of medium so our default medium would really be light/medium - typical roast loss 13%-14% so if Medium is selected this is the roast level you will get. Light will allow more acidity to remain whilst dark promotes a long finish. This bean has a lovely pleasant aroma.