Tanzania Iloma Decaf

Tanzania Iloma Decaf


Estate    Iloma AMCOS

Process  Swiss Water Decaf

Varietal   Bourbon

Taste      Dark chocolate, green apple, raspberry, and honey.

  • Product Info

    This is an Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated coffee .

    The Swiss Water® Process uses green coffee extract and caffeine specific filtering technology to remove caffeine from green beans. In this method exposure to water expands the pores of the green coffee in preparation for caffeine extraction. Swiss Water® process  is a 100% chemical free and Organic process. 


    Origin: Tanzania

    Estate: Iloma AMCOS

    Varietal: Bourbon

    Certification: Swiss Water Decaf

    Harvest Year: 2020

    Processing: Wet processed - decaffeinated

    Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l

  • Other Information

    Specialty co­ffee isn’t new to Tanzania, but in recent years the industry has seen an upheaval of sorts. Changes in government regulations regarding who is allowed to purchase coff­ee cherry have forced producers to scramble and band together, forming Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (ACMOS) and building small central processing stations in order to protect their collective livelihood.

    One such group, the Iloma AMCOS, was formed in 2018 after these changes took eff­ect. Originally the Iyela Farmer Group, the association first formed in the Mbeya area of Southern Tanzania in 2011. In 2016, the group built a central processing station. The group’s new name, Iloma, comes from the villages of where the majority of their farmers live: Illomba and Mufaumbo. The Iloma AMCOS has contributed greatly to the community, helping to provide electricity in the village as well as educational opportunities for students to learn agricultural practices.

    Iloma farmers bring their cherries to the station in the afternoon for de-pulping, a process that can last through the night at peak harvest. After de-pulping, coff­ee is graded in washing channels before undergoing a 24-48 hour fermentation. Co­ffee is then washed and given a further soak overnight, then dried on raised tables for 11-14 days.